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Control Talent ensures your career and professional development. We guide you in your professional journey to the Netherlands. From matching you with your new job, to arranging housing, paperwork and everything else involved with immigration.

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The talent process

01. Apply on the website

Have you seen a great job that fits your profile well? Don't hesitate and apply to the open vacancy. We will review your application and respond as soon as possible.

02. Interview rounds

After we review your application, we will contact you for an job interview. If it was a positive interview, we will then introduce you to our partners for the following job interviews.

03. Contract phase

Once our partner has agreed to your hiring, we will start arranging the paperwork. From the day your contract is signed, we start the immigration process. We welcome you to our company!

04. Relocation

Before your journey to the Netherlands begins, a lot needs to be arranged. Visa documentation, applying for a bank account, arranging accommodation etc. Our relocation manager will help you with everything!

05. Moving to NL

The time has come, everything has been arranged. The move to the Netherlands is about to begin. You take the plane to Amsterdam where we are waiting for you. We take you to your new home where you will spend the coming period.

06. Working in NL

Once you have moved into your new home, it is time to get back in work mode.. In the first period, you will mainly be learning a lot. How to work safely, what the company culture is like, work schedule, how your tasks work, etc.

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What it means to move to the Netherlands


We will help you find a new home. With a nationwide network of estate agents, our team knows exactly how to find a suitable property for you. When looking for a property, we take into account a maximum of 1 hour radius between the house and the company where you will be working

Visa & Immigration

Don't worry about everything to do with immigration and visa applications. Our HRM team has a lot of experience with all the paperwork involved in bringing you to the Netherlands We take care of BSN registration, visa application, birth certificates, bank arrangements, driver's licence conversion, etc.


We ensure that you can integrate as well as possible into Dutch culture and the culture of your company. We make this possible by offering language training and organising culture days where you and the rest of the engineers can get to know each other and build a community with each other.

❝Control Talent is a company that not only finds you a job, but more importantly, focuses on you as a person and your well-being. Every question I asked, they immediately responded to help with an open heart.❞

Benoit Giard

South Africa

Project Engineer

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