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Control Talent is specialised in making a match between Dutch #techcompanies and global #techtalents. By being active in the international market for many years, we have developed a massive international talent pool.

Our recruiters are specifically trained to search for international talents that are a perfect match for the position you are looking to fill. We make your global matches.

The matching process

01. First meeting

Our account manager will visit your company to meet you and your organisation. This meeting is all about getting to know each other so that we know exactly how we can serve you and your company.

02. Discuss requirements

Once our account manager knows your organisation, we can discuss the positions you need candidates for. We want to know exactly what you are looking for so we can find the best talents for you and your company.

03. Search phase

As soon as your wishes and needs about the open position are clear to us, our recruiters can get to work. The recruiters will search our own talent pool and go out into the market to find as many suitable candidates as possible.

04. Introducing candidates

After the introduction interviews with the candidates have been completed, we make a selection of the best matching profiles. We will then share these profiles with you and your company.

05. Job interviews

Once you have indicated an interest in one or more of the profiles, you will have the opportunity to meet the candidates by conducting job interviews.

06. Contract phase

Does the candidate fit the position perfectly? We will discuss the employment terms and rates that both of us will be satisfied and comfortable with. Let's make the deal!

Employ your tech team from worldwide

• Software Engineers

• Project Managers

• Service Engineers

• Electrical Engineers

• Sales Engineers

• Process Engineers

• Mechanical Engineers

• Piping Engineers

• Cloud Engineers

• Service Technicians

We take care of the entire relocation

Visa & Immigration

Don't worry about contacting the IND and the Visa application. Our HRM team has a lot of experience with all the paperwork involved in bringing foreigners to the Netherlands. We take care of BSN registration, visa application, birth certificates, bank appointments, driving license conversion, etc.


Depending on the needs of the client where the engineer will be working, we ensure that the engineer can integrate as well as possible into the Dutch culture and the culture of your company. We make this possible by offering language training and organising culture days where the engineers get to know each other and can build a community with each other.


When moving to the Netherlands, a new house is also required. With a nationwide network of brokers and real estate agents, our team knows exactly how to find a suitable home for the engineer coming to the Netherlands. When looking for a house, we take into account a radius of 20 kilometres from the company where the engineer will work.

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